On July 17, Camilla Parker Bowles will celebrate her 75th birthday
The Duchess of Cornwall was invited by Country Life magazine
She asked Kate Middleton to take care of the photos

In the British royal family, there is no need to hire an official photographer… For many years, Kate Middleton has taken care of capturing members of the Crown for important events. As was already the case for her husband, Prince William, or their children, George, Charlotte and Louis, the Duchess of Cambridge turned into a photographer to shoot the portrait of Camilla Parker Bowles. For her 75th birthday, the future queen consort has indeed asked her daughter-in-law to take a photo of her which will be on the cover of Country Life magazine. To mark this personal event but also the 125th anniversary of the publication, the Duchess of Cornwall has chosen to trust the professional eye of Kate Middleton. In this shot, taken in the garden of his private home in Ray Mill, Prince Charles’ wife poses smiling while seated on a wooden bench while holding a basket of pelargoniums.

“We are delighted that our guest editor is captured so beautifully by royal photographer, the Duchess of Cambridge, Country Life editor Mark Hedges said in a statement. We know this is the first time that an official portrait of the Duchess of Cornwall is taken by the Duchess of Cambridge for a magazine and we are honored to have been chosen to be the first to publish this beautiful photograph.The photographs are stunning and we would be delighted to donate another commission from the Duchess of Cambridge!” In addition to this cover photo, Kate Middleton captured a series of images at Ray Mill. On another, which will appear inside the magazine, her mother-in-law walks in the middle of forget-me-nots, a symbol since Camilla Parker Bowles is passionate about flowers and other plants.

The Duchess of Cambridge has photographed the Duchess of Cornwall for @Countrylifemag to mark Camilla’s 75th birthday next week. See the stunning results here One’s Country Life portrait? Call for Kate, Duchess of photoshoots – The Mail https://t.co/sgz45BaHS0

— Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) July 4, 2022

Kate Middleton: a recognized photographer

The choice to photograph Camilla Parker Bowles in her private home also highlights her love for the outdoors and also serves as a reminder that with Prince Charles, they both value their independence. After the couple married in 2005, the Duchess indeed kept her own Ray Mill home in the South West of England where she still spends many weekends with her children and grandchildren. The Duchess of Cornwall celebrates her 75th birthday on July 17 and also marked the occasion by giving an interview and a photo shoot to the British edition of Vogue magazine. As for Kate Middleton, this is not the first time that her work has been praised. In recent years, moreover, his passion has influenced his royal work. In particular, she recently chaired the publication of the Hold Still photographic project, which highlighted one hundred “portraits of the nation” captured during the Covid-19 pandemic published in a book and an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Camilla and Kate © Agency


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