Kate Middleton: part of the veil lifted on her diet

Royal protocol is that the Duchess of Cambridge does not disclose any information about her diet. Moreover, she is not entitled to give any interview to disclose her lifestyle. Aside from some delicious information leaks, one has to be content with what royal commentators are entitled to report.

According to one, “The Duchess of Cambridge follows a carefully balanced diet and makes sure to do the majority of the cooking at Kensington Palace.” It is also known that Kate Middleton does not only follow a diet low in meat, she also practices sports assiduously.

From what we know, the Duchess of Cambridge would have for breakfast a bowl of energy porridge or smoothie rich in antioxidants. The ingredients for his smoothie are said to be kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, romaine, cilantro and blueberries.

“Everything is vegetarian because I was told that was what they preferred”

Chef Raghu Deora of the Taj Mahal Palace reports that he served a lunch of only vegetable skewers and lentil curry at the Cambridges during their visit to India. Following their visit to the Japan House restaurant, we also know that Kate and William particularly enjoy Japanese dishes.

Congratulating the chef on his salmon sashimi, William reportedly said, “Thank you very much. My wife and I love sushi. We might have to come here for lunch when no one else is around.” According to Vanity Fair magazine, the Duchess is particularly adept at the Dukan diet. She followed this low carbohydrate diet after all of her pregnancies.

To keep her beautiful healthy skin, Kate Middleton nibbles on healthy fruits and goji berries. For the Daily Mail, “Kate already has a perfect figure, but her motivation is to have radiant skin.” The Duchess of Cambridge also enjoys cooking for her 3 children and for Prince William. According to a royal expert, “In the evening, she indulges in her hobby of cooking William’s favorite supper, the roast chicken.”

Kate Catherine Middleton © AGENCY

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