Kate Middleton is the proud mother of three children aged between 9 and 3 years old. Since she became a mother, she puts her notoriety of Princess of Wales at the service of young mothers. She puts their mental health at the center of her concerns. It is in this context that she went, Wednesday, October 5, 2022, to the maternity ward of the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. She was thus able to meet the nursing staff but also young mothers. “She was just lovely. She spent a lot of time talking to so many staff and meeting mums, dads and new babies across the ward,” said Amy Stubbs, assistant director of midwifery. hospital wifery, who accompanied the princess on her visit, as reported by People.

Indeed, the wife of prince William shared a special moment with a mother who allowed her to pamper her newborn. On the various shots that were taken, we can see Kate Middleton very happy to be able to cuddle again. “With a focus on maternal mental health, alongside pioneering overnight facilities, Royal Surrey County Hospital is ensuring women and their families feel safe, supported and have the best chance of developing those early attachments they are. so crucial to making sure their babies grow and thrive. It was lovely to meet some of the new mothers and their babies who are supported by such a brilliant team at the hospital,” the prince’s Instagram account reads. and the Princess of Wales following this visit.

The Princess of Wales caused a stir in the maternity ward

“It was really joyful for everyone to have this opportunity and it meant a lot to us as a service for her to take the time to visit us,” Amy Stubbs continued. It was in June 2021 that Kate Middleton made a 100% commitment to early childhood. Since then, she has been advocating for greater awareness of the importance of early childhood development.

“She was particularly interested in maternal mental health and how we support maternal mental well-being during pregnancy and the early postnatal periods. She especially spent a lot of time talking to staff and families about this aspect of care and how it felt to them.” To be able to combine her work to highlight the mental health of young mothers, while being able to have time to pamper newborns, this is the dream job for the Princess of Wales. She seemed to be very happy to spend time in this maternity ward.

Kate Middleton: out of the maternity ward, she caused a sensation by pampering an adorable infant

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