The Duchess of Cambridge awaited a happy event, the arrival of her third child. Indeed, the family of Kate Middleton and Prince William would soon grow. The arrival of this child is imminent and Kate has prepared for the occasion. Even though she has given birth twice, Kate has proven that it is essential to be well prepared. In fact, her luggage for the hospital for the delivery has already been prepared in advance. It’s OK magazine! which reveals the contents of the duchess delivery bag.

Already Prince George and Princess Charlotte wanted to participate in this content. Indeed, the first 2 children of the Duchess of Cambridge gave some of their favorite toys to welcome the 3rd baby. Queen Elizabeth also participated. She allegedly gave Kate a 19th century alabaster cameo pendant. This is a symbol and a lucky charm already used for previous births. The bag also contains black onyx beads. This is another lucky charm from Kate Middleton’s mother.

“Kate Middleton brought reading”

Kate also thought of relaxation tools. With her, she would have taken a music CD as well as her aromatherapy candle. Let’s also not forget her favorite moisturizer. The Duchess has also reportedly downloaded “the latest Booker Prize winners” to her Kindle. Having a little reading available is always a good thing, but would the situation have allowed him to take advantage of it?

The list wouldn’t end there as Kate is said to have taken some photo frames from her family as well. Thus, her parents, her siblings and even the baby’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, would have been present during the delivery, if only in photos.

Catherine (Kate) Middleton © Agency

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