Kate Middleton celebrates her 41st birthday on Monday January 9, 2023.
Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles wished him a happy birthday.
Kate Middleton is very close to her in-laws.

A special day… Monday January 9, 2023, Kate Middleton passed an important milestone by blowing out her 41st candle. If Prince William did not publicly wish his wife a happy birthday, his in-laws, Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowles paid tribute to him. On Twitter, the couple captioned a photo from last September, taken during William and Kate Middleton’s first trip to Wales as Prince and Princess of Wales, that the couple wrote: “We wish Princess of Wales a very happy birthday today!” In the comments section, many fans also sent their best wishes to her. “I hope you have a wonderful day and an amazing year ahead. I wish you nothing but continued happiness, treasured memories, and hope amid whatever life throws at you!” ; “I wish the Princess of Wales a wonderful day surrounded by the love of her family. I hope she will be spoiled”, can we read.

Wishing The Princess of Wales a very Happy Birthday today! pic.twitter.com/IXfc9LItG9

— The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) January 9, 2023

In recent years, Kate Middleton has spent a lot of time with Charles III. When she married Prince William, her stepfather said, “We’re lucky to have her.” Sunday November 13, 2022, for The Express, Judi James, a specialist in non-verbal language, had analysed: “Kate and Charles seem to have a special relationship which is felt when we see the duo share moments of affection and signals of mutual empathy.” While the new King of England would particularly like to joke, Judi James added: “Charles loves to clown around, and with Kate he can appreciate the effects of her sense of humor when she laughs out loud, her nose rolled up denoting sincere laughter and shared humour.”

Kate Middleton: What relationship does she have with Camilla Parker Bowles?

The Princess of Wales would also get along wonderfully with Camilla Parker Bowles. In July 2022, Katie Nicholl, royal correspondent for Vanity Fair, assured: “They are really close.” When the mother-of-three joined the British royal family, her stepmother quickly took her under her wing. “Camilla had told Kate the secret to hanging on to a busy prince: fitting her schedule — well, basically, her whole life — around his own,” the author and royals pundit reported. Robert Lacey. In the book Kate Middleton, from dream to reign, journalist Elodie Petit wrote: “Camilla told him: ‘It’s very simple, we are the only two people on earth to be in love with a future king from England, so we’re going to stick together. For it to work, it’s up to you to make sacrifices, because it’s not him who will, given his role. If you’re not ready to that, it won’t work.'”

Kate Middleton is 41 years old: the tender wink of Charles III and Camilla for her birthday

Charles III, Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton © Agency

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