For several days, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been on the move. This is the couple’s first official overseas trip since the pandemic began. For the occasion, both were very prepared and in particular the Duchess of Cambridge. Indeed, she filled her suitcase with colorful but also symbolic dresses, which she matched according to the countries where she was. In addition, as revealed by The Mirror this Sunday, March 27, she would also have paid tribute to Elizabeth II through her different outfits, as explained by stylist Hannah Eichler. “Whether orange for optimism, blue for evening confidence, red for love or yellow for warmth, Kate followed the Queen’s idea of ​​using colors to connect with people around him”, she first said. “It’s a key tool when visiting new countries and a way to engage with those around you.” An initiative carried out by Elizabeth II on numerous occasions and which would therefore have inspired Kate Middleton.

The appearances of the Queen of England are very noticed, especially since she always opts for colorful outfits. “Bright colors have long been favored by the royal family, but no one has managed to do it better than the sovereign,” said Hannah Eichler. “As a lover of color herself, the Duchess paid tribute to the Queen on her tour this week,” she clarified afterwards before adding, “And while those colorful looks will get without no doubt the royal approval, they also highlight the emotions of Kate Middleton”. During this official trip, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing a long yellow floral dress, a second with a wave effect print and pink color or even a long sky blue silk dress reminiscent of Princess Cinderella. Outfits that were unanimous and reminiscent of those of Elizabeth II. We can notably mention her pink and light green outfits, her long patterned dresses or her colorful hats that match her outfits.

Kate Middleton: who did she also want to pay tribute to?

During this official trip, Kate Middleton was determined to show the extent of her wardrobe. She chained the outfits, each more magnificent than the other, but there is one that stood out. This is the flowery yellow dress, a creation of Alessandra Rich. This was strongly reminiscent of a similar outfit worn by Lady Diana during her first official trip to Australia with Prince Charles in 1983. Indeed, she had opted for a yellow dress with white patterns and white shoes as well. Did the Duchess of Cambridge want to pay indirect tribute to her husband’s mother?

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