An argument that will inevitably leave traces. According to one of her friends, Kate Middleton ended up in tears after having an altercation with Meghan Markle on the basis of accusations about the way she treated her staff at Kensington Palace. The two duchesses would have had a muscular conversation which would have completely cracked the wife of Prince William. This dispute dates back to the year 2018 and contrary to what he had initially said on the set of Oprah Winfrey, it is Kate Middleton who would have cracked following this confrontation.

This is in any case what says Kirstie Allsopp, one of the closest friends of the Duchess of Cambridge. “Kate never loses her temper, but she found out that Meghan was being rude to the staff at Kensington Palace and she was mad at her. Kate then burst into tears because she had lost control and she was angry with her. took Meghan to the garden to try and work things out. “

Meghan Markle reportedly refused Kate Middleton’s apology

The Duchess of Sussex has denied any allegations that she intimidated her staff and a spokesperson for her said she was the victim of a “calculated smear campaign”. It was also reported that Kate then offered flowers to Meghan to apologize for the argument, but the Duchess rejected them. The formal allegations regarding the Duchess of Sussex were made by her former communications chief Jason Knauf, who allegedly submitted an email alleging her unacceptable behavior in October 2018, just months after the alleged confrontation with Kate.

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