A business woman as tall as three apples! When she was just a child, Kate Middleton changed her parents’ lives without knowing it. Because indeed, the future Duchess of Cambridge inspired the company of her mother, Party Pieces, created in the kitchen of the family in 1987. The reason? Carole Middleton realized that it could be difficult to find party supplies for children with the businesses that existed then. “All I could find were some basic clown plates,” Kate Middleton’s mother told the Daily Mail. “I realized there was a gap in the party supplies market that didn’t were not too expensive and looked functional, so I decided to design my own. I took prototypes to various High Street retailers. It was turned down at first. ” Despite the refusal of retailers, Carole Middleton did not kiss her arms.

It was by starting to distribute articles in the school of her daughters, Kate and Pippa, that Carole Middleton made her business take off. “Thirty-five years later I’m launching the Party Pieces collection. I guess there are some things worth the wait! So rather than slowing down, it’s an exciting new chapter for me. I think I’ll still be interested. by party trends, “continued the sixty-year-old, who does not intend to ease off at all. Quite the contrary. And when she’s not taking care of her business, Kate Middleton’s mother enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, George, Charlotte, Louis, Arthur and Grace. “It’s important for children to grow up enjoying nature and it allows them to get a little dirty,” she told People.

Carole Middleton: this activity that she shares with her grandchildren

“If I am planting with my grandchildren, I like everything to be set up for them in ‘activity stations’ with their own little trowel and pot and so they can start immediately,” she said. confided, thus revealing his secret to a successful business. “It’s not good when you start an activity with a child to call them and then start looking for the equipment and where to put themselves. They will lose their interest in the activity,” added Carole Middleton. A passion for gardening that Kate Middleton’s mother has in common with Camilla Parker Bowles, and that she wishes to pass on to George, Charlotte and Louis with the aim in particular of teaching them to adopt a good diet. A fulfilled grandmother, then, but above all a fulfilled business manager!

Kate Middleton © Agency

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