Kate Middleton: her improvised confidences on her brother’s wedding gift

The start of 2021 was synonymous with good support for Prince William and Kate of Middleton. Indeed, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had received a little dog of 8 months. A gift from Kate’s brother, James Middleton. Attention visibly addressed to the family to make up for Lupo’s lack. This Cambridge dog died last November 2020. The English Cocker Spaniel was William and Kate’s wedding gift. Their dog, Lupo, had helped Kate a lot with her husband William’s absence. Indeed, the Duke of Cambridge was engaged with the British Army of the Royal Air Force.

Sources have told the Daily Mail about the new puppy offered by James to the Cambridges last January. Sources say this little dog was well received by the whole family.

“We noticed the cafe or bar called Lupo’s”

While touring Scotland, Prince William and Kate Middleton came across situations reminiscent of their missing friend, Lupo. Indeed, the Duchess was seen cooing in front of a black crocker. In the crowd at Sat Andrews, the Duchess addressed the owner of the dog named Lilly and said “I love her coat!”.

Kate Middleton had also confided that she and her husband, Prince William, had spotted an Italian restaurant in the city with the same name as their dog. Which obviously reminded them of Lupo. “We noticed the cafe or bar called Lupo’s, and we had a dog, who is no longer with us, called Lupo,” she told members of the crowd.

Kate Middleton © Backgrid UK

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