Prince William and Kate Middleton are on tour in the United States
Kate Middleton was seen wearing symbolic jewelry
These are jewels that Princess Diana has worn on several occasions

Discreetly. The Prince and Princess of Wales are traveling to the United States to fulfill various missions specific to their status. One of them will be, for Prince William, to award the prizes during the Earthshot awards ceremony. This event founded by Prince William aims to motivate young entrepreneurs to look into the environmental cause to find solutions to the various problems affecting the Earth. It is in Boston that the ceremony will take place, and it is also in Boston that Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, was seen and photographed in a very elegant outfit and wearing jewelry with a very special meaning.

As shown in the various photos taken on the tarmac while the Princess of Wales arrived at Boston Logan International Airport this Wednesday, November 30, Kate Middleton wore diamond and sapphire earrings. These same two-pendant flower-shaped earrings belonged to Princess Diana, who notably wore them in 1991 during her visit to Canada or in 1996 at the Met Gala in New York. However, this is not the first time that Kate Middleton has been seen with these very particular jewels in her ears since she had already worn this pair of earrings during the Trooping the Color fashion show in June 2022.

Princess Diana had it all planned

With this discreet and chic accessory, the Princess of Wales – who inherited her title from Princess Diana on the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III – pays a touching tribute to the one who would have been her step- mother. Even without ever having met the women who would share the life of her sons, whether Meghan Markle with Prince Harry or Kate Middleton with Prince William, Lady Di had indeed insisted that her daughters-in-law could inherit her jewelry. As the Mirror explains, Princess Diana had made this wish known long before her death thanks to a letter accompanying her will.

In this letter, Princess Diana had written: “I would like all my jewels to be allocated to my sons, so that their wives can, when the time comes, have them or wear them”. A touching attention which thus allows the wives of Princes Harry and William to pay regular tributes to Princess Diana despite her death in August 1997. As a reminder, if Prince Harry had asked to recover his mother’s engagement ring after her death , he later decided to give it to his older brother Prince William so that he could ask for Kate Middleton’s hand with their mother’s engagement ring. A gesture filled with symbols for an always difficult fraternal relationship. Despite their presence in the United States, no official visit is indeed planned for Prince William and Kate Middleton to visit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in California.

Kate Middleton: her discreet but sublime tribute to Lady Diana to start her American tour

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