Kate Middleton harassed: this physical detail that her comrades laughed at

During her years in boarding school for young girls at Downe House in Berkshire, the Duchess of Cambridge was not particularly happy. Royal biographer Katie Nicholl says Kate was tortured by other girls at school. The royal family biographer points out that she was greatly abused. Which is in stark contrast to his life today. At Downe House, all the girls performed particularly well, says Katie Nicholl. Eating disorders were also rife. “Everyone wanted to be the best, the fittest, the prettiest. I think Kate was unhappy from the start,” said Emma Sayle, a former classmate of Kate.

Although the Duchess is, today, a model of elegance, it has not always been the case. At the time, she stood out for her thinness as well as her size slightly above that of others according to RSVP Live. The fact that she was a new boarder at 13 didn’t help either.

“Kate felt left out”

According to Katie Nicholl, Kate Middleton had not been on the lacrosse team. What set him apart from others. “It makes a difference to start at thirteen,” another former Kate mate, Georgina Rylance, told The Sunday Times.

“As she was particularly thin and was a head taller than her classmates, she stood out for the wrong reasons and was laughed at for being lanky and lanky,” says Nicholl. . Note that Kate Middleton ended up leaving boarding school and changing schools after school officials told her that she was too sensitive.

Kate Middleton © Agency

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