Kate Middleton: for the return of George, Charlotte and Louis, she leaves nothing to chance

Back to school is fast approaching! After enjoying the summer, the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William will soon be returning to school. Known for her “practical” approach when it comes to taking care of her children, Kate Middleton has already started preparations for this new school year. A royal source recently told OK magazine: “Because of who they are, William and Kate must have been very organized parents. But as parents, William and Kate have developed this brilliant talent of leaving as much as they can. spontaneous things and that’s how kids see it. ” This same source also revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge in particular was very strict on children’s good manners: “Table manners, thank you letters, little courtesies are being taught to children so that they become automatic. “

While George, Charlotte and Louis are still young, the source explained: “If George has been mean, and he has been on the occasion, Kate and William are good at explaining the good and the bad to him. happened.” Like other parents, Kate Middleton loves mingling with other moms and school staff. While she comes from a close-knit family, the pretty brunette is therefore very attached to the networks of friends. “As parents Kate and William, are also very good at rolling up their sleeves and helping out at school events; sports days, fundraisers and that sort of thing. They try to be like normal parents with normal parenting challenges. Kate and William are also very, very close to the staff, “she said.

A childhood as normal as possible

According to the OK magazine source, Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren are said to have a lot of friends at school: “All children are popular at school and have a lot of friends, in London and also close to Anmer. George might be a future king, but so far he’s just a little boy among the rest. They still strive to make sure that the three of them have such normal childhoods. as possible.” While Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children love to cook, the source added: “New skills are constantly being learned, a lot of cooking is done by the three kids, followed by a lot of mess and a lot of laughs!”

Prince George and Princess Charlotte © AGENCE

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