The Kate Middleton effect is back. Since entering the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge has always been able to adapt to her duties as a senior member of the royal family, taking particular care that her wardrobe respects royal protocol. Skirts arriving below the knees, obligation to wear tights, no color varnish on the nails… So many rules to follow that she seems to take very seriously. But on occasion, the wife of prince William does not hesitate to take a small step aside, and this, to be in line with the event.

Thus, to read a story to children on the CBeebies channel on February 13, no long dress or finery for Kate Middleton. It is in jeans and a big white turtleneck sweater that she will appear, and this, in the greatest relaxation. However, if this outfit is not very royal, now it tears like all the clothes she wears during her public appearances. So, the Holland Cooper brand sweater she wore during this reading was no exception. Designed by British designer Jade Holland Cooper, this cream-colored patterned sweater is ideal for a winter cocoon effect. Sold at a price of 239 euros, it is however out of stock.

What are Kate’s clothing habits?

It must be said that at each of her appearances, it is not uncommon for Kate Middleton’s looks to go off like hot cakes. In particular everyday clothes, between pants, sweaters, coats or even skirts and dresses. But if she is a follower of brands with reduced budgets, especially for her jewelry, the Duchess of Cambridge is also a regular in clothing recycling. Thus, for a recent royal outing with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, she had brought out a belted gray dress with a black collar, already worn during a trip with Elizabeth II a few months earlier.

Kate Middleton © CBeebies

Lara T.
Lara T.

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