Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has a lookalike
Heidi Agan has been impersonating Kate Middleton for over 10 years
She received numerous marriage proposals and death threats.

It all started in 2011, when Heidi Agan was a waitress and many customers all commented on her: her striking resemblance to Kate Middleton. At the time, the one who would become the Princess of Wales after the death of Queen Elizabeth II was about to marry Prince William. What put it even more in the spotlight than usual, and therefore what to make Heidi Agan more popular than ever. As reported by the Mirror, the customers of the restaurant where she worked indeed very regularly asked that she be their waitress, or to take a photo with her. Which ended up convincing the young woman to go see an agency to explore a possible career as a lookalike of Kate Middleton.

Thanks to her striking resemblance to the wife of Prince William, Heidi Agan quickly found events to participate in to embody Kate Middleton, in particular alongside other look-alikes such as those of Queen Elizabeth II or Prince William, also often invited. According to what she explained to Birmingham Live, the young woman follows her model’s appearance very closely, going so far as to buy different outfits that match her style and even wearing a fake belly when Kate Middleton was pregnant. .

Marriage proposals and death threats

This unusual profession makes her recognizable not only when people confuse her with Kate Middleton, but also because Heidi Agan is now known in the world of look-alikes. The 42-year-old mother explains that she became recognized as herself, “the woman who imitates Kate” while going shopping. “It’s really nice when that happens,” she added. But the physical resemblance to Kate Middleton is all Heidi Agan wishes she had in common with the Princess of Wales. She suspects that Kate Middleton’s life is much more complicated than hers.

“I really wouldn’t like to be in her shoes, being scrutinized all the time like that all the time, and being under such pressure… So the fact that people are looking back at me wondering if they just saw her is more than enough for me”. Especially since this mini-celebrity also brings her share of quirks. Since she started working as a lookalike, Heidi Agan has received more than a dozen marriage proposals. Flattering but a bit annoying. And she was also the target of death threats. “It’s the world of social media, there are always people saying to me ‘why are you trying to be someone else?’ At first it really shocked me, but now I made up my mind to it. Everyone has an opinion on everything”.

Kate Middleton: death threats and marriage proposals, the crazy life of her double

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