The video went viral on social media. After spending a few days in Belize, Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Jamaica where they have to fulfill a mission for Elizabeth II. When they got off the plane, several personalities were waiting for them. Including Lisa Hanna, a former beauty queen turned politician. And videos posted online show that the meeting between the ex-Miss World and the Duchess of Cambridge was not very warm… Installed next to Kate Middleton at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Lisa Hanna seemed to snub her … A “cold” attitude, denounced by some Internet users, but rather logical. Because the politician is part of the National People’s Party, which wants the country to “free itself from the monarchy” and leave the Commonwealth.

The People’s National Party, led by Mark Golding, supports the removal of the Queen as head of state and is pressuring Britain for reparations. Despite this cold encounter between the two women, Lisa Hanna greeted the Cambridges on her Instagram account. “Today I welcomed Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate to Jamaica on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee,” Miss World 1993 wrote. message, she appeared to respond to the video that made the rounds on social media. “We had a very interactive and enjoyable conversation throughout the proceedings as we talked about family, our cultures and our people,” she added before speaking politics: “There is no doubt right now that we are all looking for our true independence and want to develop systems and strategies where we become free from monarchy.”

“Move yu bloodclaat” murdaaa

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Kate and William must complete a mission

“I wholeheartedly welcome them with our warm hospitality and look forward to productive discussions about our future,” concluded Miss World 1993. That dialogue the Cambridges are sure to have. Because if they left for the Caribbean for their first official trip since the coronavirus pandemic, it was to calm things down. The mission that Elizabeth II entrusted to them? Convince these countries to stay in the Commonwealth and not follow the example of Barbados, which last November decided to become a republic. And it seems complicated… On their arrival in Jamaica, a hundred people demonstrated in front of the British High Commission in Kingston. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been accused of benefiting from the “blood, tears and sweat” of slaves. A trip under high tension.

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