Kate Middleton: back on her physical evolution

Little, Kate Middleton was a very sporty child: in the photos available, she wears more sports uniforms than little floral dresses. You can easily recognize her face: brown, still smiling with dimples, she hasn’t changed much. The public knew her when she started dating William in the 2000s. At the time, Kate was a student like any other. She loves fashion, and sports the looks of the 2000s: lots of bootcut jeans, boots, layered tops and fancy bags. Already at the time, she was noticed for her brown hair, flexible and always well put on. We saw her with bangs and a strand on the side.

When she began to date William seriously, at the end of the 2000s, and during her engagement, in 2010, she adopted a more classic look: noblesse oblige! since then, it has not changed so much. On a daily basis, she loves stripes, slim jeans and flat sneakers or ballet flats: a style that goes everywhere and always chic. For royal events, she prefers colorful dresses, always elegant and very fitted, highlighting her very thin waist. She wears a lot of heels, although she is already very tall – Kate Middleton is five feet tall. She is also very fond of bibis, hats and headbands, not to mention the very English fascinators.

What’s the secret to Kate Middleton’s hair?

If we had to remember one element of Kate Middleton’s look, it’s her hair. Long, brown, she never cut them. After brief fuzzy bangs in her early 20s, the Duchess of Cambrige has never varied her hairstyle so much: long, wavy and never a strict hairstyle. Kate Middleton loves fuzzy updos and soft ponytails when she ties her hair up. Never anything that looks too dressed up or sophisticated. And yet, her English are not natural: the Duchess goes to the hairdresser three times a week to have her pretty curls.

Prince William and Catherine Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge leaving the Sydney Opera House after a reception as part of their official visit to Australia on the 16th © AGENCY

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