Kate Middleton and William: why they sleep in separate beds on their Royal Train Tour

On British soil, containment has been lifted since December 2. Thus, the royal family of England was able to resume its habits: four days later, Kate Middleton and Prince William embarked on a three-day tour. It started on Sunday, December 6, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge boarded the royal train at Euston Station, London.

Climbing aboard the royal train is a first for the couple, and especially for the mother of Charlotte, George and Louis who had, until then, not had the opportunity to sit there. This one is not a train like the others since it is only reserved for members of the royal family and their staff. The first to travel on this train was Queen Victoria in 1842.

It is made up of nine cars and has only single beds, which is why Kate Middleton and William will have to make separate rooms during this short trip. There is also a bathroom and a dining room, as well as a small room where there is a desk for working and a kitchen, where meals for the crowned heads are prepared.

Kate Middleton and William: a trip to say thank you

The latter chose this means of locomotion to stop in several cities in England, then in Scotland and Wales in order to thank the people on the front line during the pandemic. “The Duke and Duchess are eager to shine a light on the incredible work that has been done across the country throughout this difficult year, and to share their gratitude on behalf of the nation, for all who support their local communities before the Christmas holidays, “said a spokesperson for the couple, whose comments were reported by People. However, this initiative is not unanimous …

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Agency

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