A special day. Since announcing their intention to leave the royal family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been the center of attention. Each decision and movement is scrutinized by the media, especially this Wednesday, August 4. However, this is a special day since it is Archie’s mom’s birthday. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex celebrates her fortieth birthday in the company of her husband and her children. For the occasion, even on the other side of the world, Kate Middleton and Elizabeth II had a thought for her. As reported by The Mirror, both gave him “an olive branch”. According to the media, this initiative is “in the best interest of their relationship”. This gift is not new since the wife of Prince William had already had recourse to it following the birth of Lilibet. Could this be a way to ease the tensions that have reigned within the royal family for several months? There is no doubt that this idea must have pleased the principal concerned.

Expected messages. August 4th is a big day for Meghan Markle. As she celebrates her birthday in the company of Prince Harry and her children, the British were desperately waiting to see if the royal family would have a thought for her. They were therefore not disappointed since it was first Kate Middleton and Prince William who published a timid message. Through their Twitter account, in the middle of the morning, they posted a photo of the Duchess of Sussex. In caption, they simply wrote: “We wish the Duchess of Sussex a happy 40th birthday!”. An initiative followed by Queen Elizabeth II since the monarch has, on the official Twitter account of the royal family, shared several photos of Meghan Markle. We can first see the two women at an event, then Prince Harry, his wife and their son Archie but also a photo of the royal couple. “I wish the Duchess of Sussex a very happy birthday,” it read. An initiative that surprised a large number of Internet users but all were delighted with this attention.

Meghan Markle’s birthday: how will she celebrate her 40th birthday?

For the forty years of his wife, Prince Harry wishes to please her. While rumors of a big party hosted by Oprah Winfrey have long been relevant, it seems that the couple have instead opted for a getaway in privacy. Indeed, both have just welcomed their little Lilibet and it would therefore not be impossible for them to decide to stay at home, in order to enjoy their new life. However, will this day be an opportunity to publish a family photo and thus reveal the face of their little girl?

Meghan Markle and Elizabeth II © AGENCY

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