Kate Beckinsale: her ex lifts the veil on their difficult separation

Happy in love, with Anna Lundberg, Michael Sheen experienced a difficult period after his separation from Kate Beckinsale. And for good reason, he had been forced to return to the United Kingdom while his ex-partner and their daughter had remained in the United States. Guest on Annie Macmanue’s Changes podcast, the one who plays Dr. Martin Whitly in the Prodigal Son series explained, “Going through this experience of a relationship breaking up and having a young child, then because of my daughter and her mother living in another country, having to live in a new place while going through this whole experience was difficult … I did not have a work visa to stay in America so every time that I was leaving, I had to go back to the UK. I never knew if I would be allowed to come back. ”

For a long time, Michael Sheen was thus very worried that he would not be able to see his daughter as much as he wanted. He continued, “So I ended up having to find work in the UK because I couldn’t really find a job in America. It really made me question some things about myself.” However, the comedian’s fears never came true, as he continued to pursue a career on both sides of the Atlantic! It was in 1995 that Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale met on the set of The Seagull. In love, the couple had given birth to a baby girl, Lily Mo, on January 31, 1999. Despite their separation, the duo remained very close. The actress also recently confided: “I really like her and we make each other laugh a lot.”

United for the sake of their daughter

A few months after their split, Kate Beckinsale married Underworld director Len Wiseman. If the duo divorced in 2015, it was seven years earlier that she revealed that her family’s balance was what mattered most to her. For The Wave Magazine, the pretty brunette had said: “I love Michael. Michael is fantastic. It shouldn’t necessarily have lasted forever with us, but he is one of my favorite people. I think we all have it. both felt it was really important to Lily, our daughter, that everyone was in agreement. ” She would then add: “Michael loves him and I love him and Len loves him. Everyone is nice. The guys both get along. I feel like this is my major achievement of the last one. decade, that my daughter is totally unharmed and wonderful. I am proud of it. ”

Kate Beckinsale © Jean-Charles Vinaj

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