Kate as a sexy nurse and William as a police officer: that naughty evening during which they got back together

If now Prince William and Kate Middleton are happy spouses and parents of three children, their relationship has not always been idyllic. For those unfamiliar with the birth of their love affair, the two met in 2001, while studying art history at the Scottish University of St. Andrews. Rumor has it Prince William fell in love with Kate Middleton – who was not from the aristocracy – when she paraded in sexy outfit at a charity fashion event.

As the months went by, Prince William and Kate Middleton got closer, and even moved in together, in parallel with their studies. In 2006, the first engagement rumors began to circulate … only a dramatic turn of events in March 2007, as the couple moved away and separated. On April 14, the Sun officially announces that the two lovebirds have broken up, after four years of relationship. The reason ? Princess Diana’s then 24-year-old son feels too young to settle down, as the Daily Mail explains. For her part, Kate Middleton is devastated. Only the young woman, who is five months older than him, does not intend to let herself down. To look good, Kate Middleton spends a lot of time with her family … while the young prince takes the opportunity to go dancing in clubs.

Daring disguises

Only quickly, Prince William realizes the mistake he made in letting his beauty go. The young man begins to regret their breakup, perhaps thinking of his father who had not married his childhood sweetheart, Camilla Shand, now Camilla Parker Bowles. Then one day in June 2007, Prince William and Kate Middleton meet again at a party organized by a friend, in common, Sam Waley-Cohen. The two discuss for hours, and especially the Duke of Cambridge persuades his ex to take him back.

A few days later, they meet again at another party, organized by the barracks of Prince William’s regiment, which had the theme “Freakin ‘Naughty”; in other words “come with the nastiest disguise possible”. Visibly imaginative, Prince William disguised himself as a police officer with an officer’s helmet, and for her part Kate Middleton was a naughty nurse, with a short dress and fishnet tights. A few weeks later, the two were together again … and their love was sealed with a promise they will never forget.

Kate Middleton and Prince William © GOFF INF

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