On January 10, Prince Harry published his memoirs
In this book, the Duke of Sussex makes many revelations
He looks back in particular on the day he announced to Prince William and Kate Middleton that he was dating Meghan Markle

For several weeks, revelations about the British royal family have been linked. After the release of the documentary Harry & Meghan on Netflix, the Duke of Sussex unveiled his memoirs on January 10. An explosive work in which the son of King Charles III returns in particular to the relationship between Prince William, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. And if it seems very tense today, everything could have gone very well at the start.

Indeed, as Prince Harry reveals in his book, his sister-in-law was a big fan of the Suits series in which Meghan Markle played. Indeed, before giving up her acting career to join the royal family, the American played the role of Rachel Zane, a legal assistant, for 7 seasons. A character who was obviously very appreciated by Kate Middleton but also by prince William.

William and Kate in shock when they discover the identity of Harry’s darling

And in his book, Harry says the Prince and Princess of Wales were stunned when they found out he was dating one of the Suits stars. On the day of the big announcement, he explains that he hadn’t realized how much of a fan they were of the show and were in shock when he told them the news. However, Harry reveals that when he first introduced Meghan Markle to Prince William, Kate Middleton was absent, as she would have preferred to hang out with her children. An attitude that is surprising to say the least, which reinforces the idea that a good part of the royal family would not have accepted this idyll.

Kate and William: why they were flabbergasted when they learned of Harry and Meghan's relationship

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