Kate and William: why their role in their marriage has been reversed in recent months

Very united, Kate and William have always supported each other in difficult times. According to the royal expert Kati Nicholl, this time it is rather the Duchess of Cambridge who is in the role of support. Prince William is somewhat overwhelmed by all the events related to his tense relationship with his brother. William “really struggled with him,” the royal author points out.

As one would expect, the admirable Kate returns the favor to support him in these critical moments. The royal expert speaks on this fact to the Telegraph by saying that: “Kate was for William the pillar of strength, the guide and the mentor that he always was for her”. The discords between the two princes affect William deeply while his wife remains a rock.

“He knows what she is capable of”

Ms Nicholl’s words are corroborated by a statement from a royal insider. The latter confirms the fact that Kate and William are shy people who have always had to struggle in their lives. About William, the royal insider says that much of Kate’s trust in her right now is due to him.

Indeed, according to this insider, Kate “never tried to be the main character and always saw herself rather in a supporting role, but he tried to push her out of this situation at times.” However, the support is mutual within their marriage so much so that in the difficult times Prince William is going through, Kate is always there to help him out.

Kate and William © Agency

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