The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to move.
Kate Middleton and Prince William want a family home for their three children.
The Cambridge couple looked at several properties in the Windsor Estate.
Adelaide Cottage is their top pick.

Rumors about the Cambridge’s move have been swirling around for the past few months. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want their children to have a country education. In addition, the couple have already enrolled Prince George, 8, in a new school in Berkshire. Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, are expected to join the same school in September, according to the Daily Mail. “William, 39, and Kate, 40, want young people to have a country upbringing and want to be closer to the Duchess’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, who play an important role in their upbringing,” the statement said. DailyMail.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have already visited several homes. Some houses are properties of the Windsor Estate. Of Frogmore House, Fort Belvedere and Adelaide Cottage, the latter is the “first choice” of Prince William and Kate Middleton, according to an April Mail On Sunday article. The magnificent Adelaide Cottage is famous for being the home of Captain Peter Townsend. Peter Townsend is one of the famous ex-lovers of Princess Margaret, the sister of Queen Elizabeth II of England, 96. According to the Daily Mail of May 2, 2022, William and Kate would not be the only ones to covet Adelaide Cottage.

Kate and William: Prince Andrew of York could block the Cambridge project

Prince Andrew of York lives a few minutes from Adelaide Cottage, at the Royal Lodge. The deposed prince of the British royal family has long been eyeing the house. The Daily Mail reveals that Prince Andrew of York, 62, is eyeing Adelaide Cottage to house his youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie of York. Currently, the 32-year-old princess, her husband Jack Brooksbank and their son August live at Frogmore Cottage. Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan Markle, 40, meanwhile, managed to keep the house despite the Megxit. “In November 2020, a year after leaving the UK, they allowed their cousin Eugenie and her husband to move in,” the Daily Mail said.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine (Kate) Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge © Agency / Bestimage

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