For this official visit in their capacity as Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate Middleton started a journey across the country, starting with Belfast, where they notably visited an open-air market in the city center, the Trademarket. It was on this occasion that we discovered their hidden talents as creators of cocktails, and their taste for the challenge, since they embarked on a competition for the best drink between two giggles.

Relaxed and smiling, Kate Middleton and Prince William play the game

They are definitely always full of resources: Kate Middleton and Prince William did not hesitate to play the game of relaxation, both dressed in blue and matching, and above all relaxed and smiling. With their availability and their kindness towards everyone, the couple gave a hell of a demonstration of mixology behind the bar of the Trademarket in Belfast. The managers couldn’t believe their eyes.

I spoke to the lovely Will Neill from Trademarket who told me this was a ‘Up the Lagan in a Bubble’ – a reference to the famous river that flows through Belfast and local slang for ‘I wasn’t born yesterday https://t .co/7MumFFnUoU

— Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) October 6, 2022

Very comfortable, Kate Middleton appears smiling in all the photos when she is not concentrating on making the best cocktail in front of her husband, who was not outdone and hoped to win this competition. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, they had not been seen so relaxed, especially since they took the lead as a result of this event, ahead of Prince and Princess of Wales. But this does not prevent them from remaining close to their subjects and being pleasant and friendly with each of them, which further strengthens the special bond between the British people and the royal family.

“Who made the best cocktail in your opinion?” posted Kate and William on their social networks

Their close connection with the public is also due to their perfect communication on their social networks. This cocktail contest, they did not hide it, quite the contrary, since they published a photo themselves with the caption “who made the best cocktail in your opinion?” . Competitors, they redoubled their precision and concentration to win this contest, but under their Instagram post the voters had their preference… “Sorry William, I give my vote to Princess Catherine”, “Kate in first position, William the heels,” “You were both great but Catherine is definitely the best.” Indeed, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis seemed to be an expert in the matter, which seems to have conceded with good grace by Prince William.

It is not the first time that the lovers have faced each other during their official trips: it is not uncommon to see them compete in table tennis, basketball, or even sailing like this. was the case in Auckland in 2014. The advantage is that they strengthen their links and their popularity, a good reason for William and Kate to keep smiling!

Kate and William unleashed: the very playful couple launches into a cocktail contest

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Agency / Bestimage

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