The royal tour of Prince William, 39, and his wife Kate Middleton, 40, ended on Saturday March 26. The destination of their last days of touring was the Bahamas. The tour carried out by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is part of the celebration of the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II of England, 95 years old. The Cambridges have been in the Caribbean, away from their children, since Saturday March 19, 2021. It is in Belize that Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen to begin this royal tour which aims to strengthen the bond between the kingdom Britain and its former colonies. For his week-long trip, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 6, in England.

The grandson of England’s Queen Elizabeth II has made a revelation about the habit of her eldest son, Prince George of Cambridge, during a VIP reception at Cahal Pech, the Mail Plus reports. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 39, has spoken about Prince George sticking pins to mark the locations of his parents. “We let them know where we are and he finds us on the map, sticks a pin there and shares it with others,” Prince William revealed. To conclude his speech, Prince Harry’s brother, 37, revealed that he and his wife Kate Middleton would like to return to Belize soon with their children. “We hope to come back soon and show our children this wonderful country. They are quite jealous that they are not here with us now!” he said in his speech.

Kate Middleton and Prince William faced protests

Basically, this trip of Kate Middleton and Prince William abroad has not gone without a hitch. The fact is that on their first day in Belize, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were greeted by, among others, protesters. In Belize, campaigners have “accused the Queen and her predecessors of perpetuating slavery and are calling on the UK to pay reparations for its historic atrocities”, according to the Mail Plus. In Jamaica, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second destination, a similar outbreak was also seen. Some Jamaicans have also found that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s trip to Jamaica serves to carry on a bad tradition.

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