After the scandal in which Prince Andrew was steeped, Elizabeth II made several decisions
In order not to offend Prince Andrew, an honor was withdrawn from several members of the Crown
Kate Middleton and Prince William will have to do without an old honor

The Cambridges are collateral victims… After the scandal caused by Prince Andrew, Elizabeth II had no choice but to make a series of major decisions. While most only concerned his son, accused of rape in the United States before reaching an agreement, some indirectly penalized other members of the Crown. This is particularly the case of an old tradition that will no longer be honored across the Channel: the raising of the flag. Ordinarily, the Union Jack was hoisted on public buildings on the birthdays of active members of the British royal family. But since Prince Andrew has been deprived of it, the government has decided to end this honor for all crowned heads except Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

In the columns of the Sun, several sources affirmed that this decision was taken “not to upset Andrew, who is decidedly prickly on these kinds of questions”. “It is widely believed that this happened to avoid Andrew’s embarrassment,” another insider added to the tabloid. Concretely, therefore, the flags will no longer be hoisted for Princess Anne, Prince Edward but also for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the future King and Queen of England. This decision surprises across the Channel because despite the scandal, Elizabeth II continued to support Prince Andrew. Last March, it was on his arm that she appeared at the tribute to Prince Philip. Enough to provoke a lively controversy and a settling of accounts within the monarchy itself.

Prince Andrew “has always been intensely loyal”

Despite having been stripped of his royal titles, Prince Andrew Morton remains “intensely loyal” to the Queen, according to author Andrew Morton. “Prince Andrew has always been absolutely loyal to his mother. He will never say a word against her, he has always been intensely loyal, he told the Mirror. He has shown initiative but also loyalty to the queen. She does not forget these things and he has been a very faithful son to her.” According to the specialist, the presence of Prince Andrew closer to Elizabeth II at the memorial service is rather logical. “The memorial service was a family occasion and not a state occasion, so it was up to her who drove her to her seat, he added. So it’s a way for her to say that despite everything, Prince Andrew remains her child.”

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