George will surely be King of England one day, but in the meantime he has to comply with parental authority, like all little boys his age. This is why Charlotte, Louis and himself are prohibited from a very specific object within the house: the Ipad. A decision which should not delight the three children, when we know the enthusiasm of the young generation for the screens, but which is important for Cambridge, reports the Daily Mail. Indeed, Kate and William would find that George and Charlotte spend too much time on the screens and would have decided to ban the Ipad at home, considering that it is an object reserved for adults. Wishing to boost the creativity of the three children, Kate and William prefer that they focus on manual and outdoor activities. “They have climbing frames, swings and a pond, and each of the kids is responsible for their own little patch of the vegetable patch,” Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl tells OK! magazine. According to her, this rule in the house probably did not prevent children from asking Santa for a screen. “George loves his iPad at school. He and Charlotte are both pretty tech savvy. Like most kids, there are probably tech and other gadgets on their wish lists.” In view of the parents’ reluctance, there is little chance that this will be granted!

Prince George: why can he no longer travel with his father?

He still has a few years left to enjoy his daddy’s company when traveling before traveling solo. Indeed, from the age of 12, Prince George will have to travel in a vehicle different from that of his father, for the simple reason that the Crown does not wish to have two future kings in the same means of transport in case of accident. The rule is already applied by Queen Elizabeth, her son Charles and her grandson William, who always use different vehicles. In 4 years, George will have to do the same.

Prince William with George, Charlotte and Louis © Handout pictures

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