Last March, Prince William and Kate Middleton embarked on a Caribbean tour
But according to the Mirror, these trips cost the British a small fortune
Bad news when you know that Crown spending has increased sharply

Last March, Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton traveled to the Caribbean to meet the people of Belize, the Bahamas and even Jamaica. According to the revelations of the Mirror, this tour would have been very expensive for British taxpayers, since the expenses would be around 226,000 pounds sterling. An announcement that will certainly not please the inhabitants of the United Kingdom who had already seen how much this trip to the Caribbean had been heavily criticized, in particular by the populations on the spot. Indeed, according to many observers, these various trips had given the impression that the Crown was showing its “colonial” power.

The use of an open-top Land Rover, driven by a Jamaican soldier, had created real unease. Indeed, to some, this footage “sounded like a scene from The Crown”. So, this revelation from the Mirror on the expenses of Kate Middleton and Prince William makes people cringe. Especially since during the last financial year, the Monarchy would have already spent 102.4 million pounds sterling. Sir Michael Stevens, who is none other than the guardian of the private purse, meanwhile says that these expenses are under control, since the Monarchy has received an £86.3 million grant to fund its official functions.

Crown spending singled out

He said: “The Sovereign Grant shows an increase in net spending to 102.4 million, up 17%, with the majority of the increase in spending coming from the Buckingham Palace maintenance programme, which saw a 41% increase in expenditure to £54.6m”. Indeed, to maintain Buckingham Palace, a £369 million maintenance contract has been signed which includes updating Buckingham Palace’s electrical wiring, plumbing and heating over 10 years.

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Backgrid UK


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