Kate and William: the sumptuous and incredible memories of a guest of their royal wedding

This April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate their 10 years of marriage. An opportunity for guests at the ceremony to tell People incredible memories at this royal wedding in 2011. Martin and Sue Fidler were present during Kate Middleton’s much-anticipated walk to the hotel which was not disappointing. ‘after them. “Everything that was outside roared,” Martin confides while continuing with “You could hear everything outside at first, as she approached. It was like a wave of sounds that got louder and louder as she walked over. was approaching the abbey. When the trumpets started moving inside to announce his arrival, it is a miracle that the roof did not rise! “.

The couple recalled the crowd being both impatient and excited while waiting for Kate. She hoped to witness this historic event from the outside. The screams and howls were there.

“And she hasn’t changed one iota in ten years”

The couple Martin and Sue admit that the show was incredible. “And she hasn’t changed one iota in ten years,” adds Martin. “We couldn’t see William and Kate during the ceremony, but we could hear the service over the speakers, and we saw Kate and William come down the aisle as a married couple,” Sue adds.

“There was music and everyone was drinking to celebrate, but after a while I slipped away and went home to rest,” she continues. The couple also confide that the excitement of that day hasn’t worn off even after 10 years.

Kate and William © GOFF INF

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