Kate Middleton and Prince William reside at Kensington Palace.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to leave the palace for a home on the Windsor Estate.
Royal experts raise the question of the millions of pounds spent by Kate and William on Kensington Palace.
Some royal observers are shocked by this project of Kate and William.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reside at Kensington Palace, but are reportedly considering moving to Berkshire soon. Kate and William, 40 and 39 respectively, have used Kensington Palace as their main residence since 2017. The royal couple and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, are due to move into a property from the estate of Queen Elizabeth II of England, 96, in Windsor. Kate Middleton and Prince William and their children are expected to move this summer.

Rumors are swirling about the Cambridges’ new home. Their first choice is, according to the media and royal experts, Adelaide Cottage. While speculation continues about this move, another debate is going on. Kate and William prepare to leave Kensington Palace. However, for repairs and development, the couple spent millions of pounds there. According to the June 12, 2022 Express article, “Kate and William have spent £4.5million of taxpayers’ money over two years on building work at their home in flat 1a at Kensington Palace”.

Kate and William: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had the roof repaired and fitted out a second kitchen

According to the daily Express, the 4.5 million pounds of sovereign grants were used for repairs to the roof. Kate Middleton and Prince William also used some of the money for asbestos removal. “In addition, the couple have privately paid for a second family kitchen to complement the ‘working kitchen’ used for official events,” Express magazine said. Some royal pundits like Robert Jobson are shocked by the Cambridges’ move, but plenty of fans are defending them.

“That was ten years ago and three kids later. Priorities shift. Haven’t you changed your mind about anything in a decade, Robert?” one Twitter user commented. “They are both doing a great job and raising a great family. “Can we stop pestering them about this? Glad they’re with the kids where they go to school,” another wrote.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Kate Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge © Agency / Bestimage


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