Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the 2023 BAFTAs
If the look of the Princess of Wales has been widely commented on, a small naughty gesture has also been seen
Indeed, Kate Middleton did not hesitate to spank her husband

It is a triumphant return. Kate Middleton and Prince William have made their comeback at the BAFTA 2023 ceremony, after two years of absence. And one thing is certain, the Princess of Wales had decided to put on her 31. Indeed, she wore a long white dress, signed Alexander McQueen. An outfit embellished with black gloves, making her look very elegant. If her look has been widely commented on, a small complicit gesture between the parents of three children has not gone unnoticed. Indeed, Kate Middleton swept away the protocol, indulging in a little spanking on the posterior of her husband.

not princess kate tapping william on the ass in front of the world pic.twitter.com/P6aP2rdUWW

— Molly Elizabeth (@molllyelizabeth) February 19, 2023

On social networks, this small gesture surprised more than one. During this ceremony, actress Helen Mirren paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. “The Bafta’s relationship with Her Majesty has lasted for years, and the Bafta would not be what it is today without her loyal support,” she said. “In 1953, her coronation was watched by the world. From that day on, she was undeniably our nation’s leading role, yet remained as mysterious as a silent film star. Who else but her could meet the most famous singers, actors, artists in the world, and make them his supporting roles?”

A strong tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

A speech that greatly moved Prince William. “Cinema, at its best, does what Her Majesty effortlessly did: unite us with each other in a story.” Helen Mirren recalled that Elizabeth II had supported more than 50 cultural organizations, and that she received an honorary Bafta in 2013 to salute “her exceptional support for the film and television industries”. “Your Majesty, you were our nation’s leading actress. On behalf of the Baftas, thank you for all you have done for the film and television industry.”

Kate and William: the couple more complicit than ever for their reappearance at the Baftas, this naughty gesture spotted

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