The Caribbean tour of Prince William and Kate Middleton ended this Saturday, March 26, 2022. After a week traveling to the various countries belonging to the Commonwealth, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ended their official trips to the Bahamas. Prince William then wanted to take the floor to deliver a historic speech. Indeed, the son of Prince Charles has clearly positioned himself as a future king, ready to take power: “I know that this tour has highlighted even more specific questions about the past and the future. In Belize, in Jamaica and the Bahamas, it’s up to the people to decide their future,” he said.

According to the husband of Kate Middleton, these various official trips made him aware of the many “daily challenges faced by families and communities (…) We really enjoyed spending time with the communities of the three countries, to better understand the issues that matter most to them,” Prince William said. The opportunity for him to reiterate the British Crown’s commitment to preserving the ties that bind it with the various Commonwealth countries: “Catherine and I are committed to serving you. For us, it is not a question of saying people what to do. It’s about serving them and supporting them in whatever way they think is best.”

Prince William reiterates his commitment to supporting Commonwealth countries

Prince William and Kate Middleton in no way wish to interfere in the political management of the various countries: “What matters to us is the potential of the Commonwealth family to create a better future for the people who make it up, and our commitment to serve and support you as best we can”. A very important statement that tries to respond to the many protests of some Jamaicans about their membership in the Commonwealth. Thus, Prince William had expressed his “sorrow” at the “odious” history of slavery for which the United Kingdom was held responsible.

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