The best answer for the Cambridges? The silence. For the past few days, the British royal family has had to face a new storm caused by Prince Harry. From the Netherlands, where he attended the Invictus Games, the husband of Meghan Markle has thrown a stone into the pond about his grandmother, Elizabeth II. “It was so good to see her…she’s in great shape,” he told NBC when asked how their reunion went. And the husband of Meghan Markle to launch a shock sentence: “I make sure that she is protected and that she has the right people around her”. This Thursday, April 21, Kate Middleton and Prince William were logically questioned about this release of Prince Harry. “Sir, does the queen need protection?” a reporter asked them as they left the London headquarters of the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Obviously a little embarrassed by this question, Kate Middleton and Prince William continued on their way, without answering, and rushed into a waiting car. No way for the Cambridges to add fuel to the fire. Especially since the royal family is busy celebrating the 96th birthday of Elizabeth II. On social networks, moreover, Kate Middleton and Prince William honored Her Majesty by sharing an amazing family photo. “We wish Her Majesty The Queen a very happy 96th birthday today!” They wrote on Twitter, saying Elizabeth II is “an inspiration to so many in the UK, Commonwealth And in the world”. As for the royal family, they published a reassuring snapshot of Her Majesty.

Harry: “We have a very special relationship”

In this photo, taken “last month”, Elizabeth II poses in the middle of two horses, Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale, in the gardens of Windsor Castle. The Queen will celebrate her birthday “privately” at the royal estate of Sandringham, 200 kilometers north of London. And try not to worry about Prince Harry’s recent statements. “We have a very special relationship. We talk about things that she can’t talk to anyone else, he assured NBC News. I think she’s had a little enough of birthdays.” But within the entourage of Her Majesty, we fulminate at the last speech of the Duke of Sussex. And there are concerns about what he might reveal in the memoir he’s writing and the documentary Netflix is ​​making about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Agency

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