Kate and William are set to move into Adelaide Cottage soon
Their new home is in Windsor, just minutes from Queen Elizabeth II
Adelaide Cottage has been the scene of a passionate history

The choice of Prince William and Kate Middleton seems to be made, it is at Adelaide Cottage that they would be ready to pack their bags this summer for a new life. According to the Sun, this four-bedroom house, which is about ten minutes from Windsor Castle, would perfectly meet the expectations of the couple and their children. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge indeed wish to settle in a “modest” house in which there will be neither a string of rooms never used, nor a staff at home. With its four bedrooms, Adelaide Cottage therefore seems ideal. Not to mention the fact that the house brings them closer to Queen Elizabeth II, and that it is close to a school where the couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis could go.

Like many key places of the royal family however, Adelaide Cottage harbors a few secrets, and in particular about Princess Margaret, the sister of Elizabeth II. Still according to the Sun, it is in this “modest” house built in 1831 and entered in the heritage of Elizabeth II in 1941 that the lover of Princess Margaret, Peter Townsend, would have been accommodated between 1944 and 1952. Hero of the Second World War, Peter Townsend was the squire of King George VI after having served as a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force. Upon his arrival in the circle of the royal family, Peter Townsend is married but catches the eye of the young Princess Margaret. In order to be able to fulfill his duties with the king, it is therefore at Adelaide Cottage that he is installed, until 1952, the year of the king’s death.

A story doomed to failure

According to various sources, it was also in the early 1950s that Peter Townsend would have started his affair with Princess Margaret. Their story, which has caused a lot of ink to flow, however, did not end well. Divorced and a father, Peter Townsend does not meet the conditions of the Anglican Church to be able to remarry Princess Margaret, despite her request. The young princess would also have been forbidden to marry him by Elizabeth II herself. The couple therefore ended up separating and it was with the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones that she married in 1960, and with whom she had two children, David and Sarah Armstrong-Jones. Due to several infidelities on the part of the two spouses, Princess Margaret and her husband divorced in 1978, thus marking the first royal divorce since 1540 which had separated Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves.

Prince William and Kate Middleton © Julien Burton


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