He was the Kaiser’s confidant. Two years after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, Sébastien Jondeau has still not mourned. For many years, he had a special relationship with the creator, who considered him almost as his son. And as was also the case with Baptiste Giabiconi, the Kaiser’s bodyguard has been the subject of rumors. It was said in a relationship with Karl Lagerfeld, in love with the director of Chanel. Completely unfounded rumors, as he explained on the Quotidien set this Thursday, February 4. “I have no problem with that. Karl was respectful of everyone. It’s something that never crossed my mind, said Sébastien Jondeau. If there had been any ambiguity, I wouldn’t wouldn’t be here today. There was a pseudo rumor like that, but it didn’t last very long. ”

“If you observe me a little, even without knowing me, I think that by looking at me, seeing what I was doing for him, we can see that it is non-existent”, continued the ex-bodyguard by Karl Lagerfeld. On the set of Quotidien, the Kaiser’s right-hand man also spoke of his succession, a few months after Baptiste Giabiconi assured to be his “sole heir”. And according to him, “there is nothing decided”. “It’s not that I’m not aware, there’s something that exists but hasn’t been completed. It’s things that are going to take time. There is nothing concrete.” , he added. Still upset by the disappearance of the genius couturier, struck down by cancer, Sébastien Jondeau honors him in a book, Ça va, cher Karl, published by Flammarion editions. In it, he recounts once again the last moments of his friend, who has never lost his keen sense of humor.

Sébastien Jondeau: “We had a subsidiary relationship”

“I was with François, Choupette’s nanny (her cat, editor’s note) We were in his hospital room and, suddenly, he told us: ‘It’s still stupid to have three Rolls and end up in a rotten room like that ‘”, said Sébastien Jondeau in the columns of Madame Figaro, before adding:” Until the end, he will have had this sense of humor that we know him “. With our colleagues, the model so dear to the heart of the couturier also spoke of their special relationship. “First of all, he was my boss. I had a lot of respect for him. I don’t want to fall into the cliché of saying that he was a father to me, but we still had a filial relationship. he remembered, a bit embarrassed to use that strong term. So yes, he was sometimes a father to me, and also a mother and a friend. “

Sébastien Jondeau © TMC

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