Kanye West: the rapper breaks down in tears after singing his new song

It’s been months since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went their separate ways for good. Lately, the rapper is on a new album containing a new title “Welcome to my life”. It’s a song in which he tackles three different themes, including that of his divorce from the KUWTK star. A source who was present at the listening party told The Sun magazine all about it.

The source said, “It’s a very deep and sad song about Kanye, with a reflection on his marriage to Kim.” He talks about the kids and mentions that she took it all. ”In the song, Kanye West speaks of his freedom in the line: “Tell the murderers I escaped Calabasas.” He talks about his old home as being a prison. According to the source, this song is so deep and dark that the rapper “paused about two minutes and cried. It was really dark. “

“He (Kanye West) broke down talking about abortion”

Kanye West is not his first tears. Indeed, the rapper has already confided in his household problems during his failed presidential candidacy in 2020. At that time, we saw Kanye devastated. Kim Kardashian was considering an abortion, she was precisely pregnant with North. It is believed that these events gradually led to the decadence of the couple, which inexorably ended with their divorce.

Kim Kardashian for her part seems to change the subject all the time. Sometimes she’s the biggest fan of her ex-husband, sometimes he’s nothing to her anymore. She recently said: “No, I don’t want a husband who lives in a completely different state.”

Kanye West © Backgrid USA

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