Kanye West is not ready to give up on his marriage to Kim Kardashian according to a source at People. A revelation that comes just a day after the reality TV star confessed that no consultation and no reconciliation effort was going to save their marriage. Moreover, public requests for reconciliation have been put forward by the rapper. Requests that have obviously fallen on deaf ears.

On Tuesday, December 14, a source close to the rapper made revelations to People magazine. She notably said that “her marriage and her family are important and that he is a family man whose love and commitment to Kim and the children will never change.” “He won’t give up without a fight. Kim is the mother of his children and he’s not going to give up,” the insider explained.

Kanye West is facing a wall

Over the past few weeks, Kanye West has made numerous public requests for forgiveness from Kim. He did so during his Free Larry Hoover concert with Drake in Los Angeles on December 9. Despite so much effort, the situation has obviously not changed. In fact, a source close to Kim told E! : “She tries not to heed his calls to rekindle the flame and she tries to ignore him when he does that”.

On the other hand, TMZ has recovered some documents from the beauty billionaire. She admits in particular that their union was irrecoverable despite all these demonstrations of forgiveness. “No advice or reconciliation effort will be of value at this time,” the court documents say. This story is therefore at a standstill for the moment, but the future may have some surprises in store.

Kanye West © Backgrid USA

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