Kanye West soon in court? Images taken from a video surveillance camera in front of a hotel in the city of Los Angeles have provided irrefutable evidence of the attack on a fan by the American rapper. The Californian investigators in charge of the case told the media TMZ that they were about to deliver their conclusions to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office before the latter decides whether the information in his possession is sufficient to a complaint against Kanye West.

It must be said that many images are now in the possession of the police. Between this video, witness statements and paparazzi images, law enforcement has accumulated a lot of evidence. However, the investigators never managed to collect the testimony of the accused, Kanye West, because of a “too busy schedule” of the rapper, who never showed up at the police station.

Kanye West soon in court in Los Angeles?

The facts took place near the Soho Warehouse, a hotel in the city of Los Angeles. According to the video that has just been made public, Kanye West attacks a man who can be seen lying on the ground with a broken nose. Now with all the evidence in hand, the prosecutor has three options: file a complaint against the 44-year-old rapper, dismiss the case altogether, or call all parties involved in the case for an informal hearing that could lead to a settlement at the amicable. To be continued…

Kanye West © Tiziano Da Silva

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