Kamala Harris: why her Vogue cover photo is controversial

Historic and extremely popular fashion magazine in the United States, Vogue finds itself at the center of a controversy that it would have largely done without. On January 10, the magazine revealed the photo that would appear on the cover of the February issue, and it caused a lot of reaction from Internet users. This issue highlights Kamala Harris, future Vice President of the United States who will be the first woman and the first black person to hold the position. On this blanket, we see her dressed in a relaxed black suit with converse, in front of a pink curtain. The magazine headlines: “Madam Vice President: Kamala Harris and the New United States”.

Vogie’s cover is controversial

Internet users quickly reacted to the use of this photo, who point out that the vice-president’s skin appears much lighter in the photo than in reality. Born to a father of Jamaican origin and a mother of Indian origin, Kamala Harris is mixed race but according to the New York Times reporter Wajahat Ali, Vogue photographers have failed to find the right light: “What a missed. Anna Wintour must not have a black friend or colleague “. Editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988, Anna Wintour wrote a letter last June in which she apologized for not having highlighted enough her black employees and designers.

Kamala Harris did not agree

Kamala Harris’ communications team indicated that they did not agree to this photo and that another one was due to appear. In this second photo, also posted by Vogue on social media, Kamala Harris is pictured up close, dressed differently and sporting a less strained smile. Without the agreement of the vice-president’s team, Anna Wintour would have changed at the last moment the photo that appears on the cover of the magazine. A very unfortunate choice if we are to believe the many reactions to this photo.

Vogue © Vogue

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