“Everything goes with humor”. Justin Timberlake tested the effectiveness of this adage in his Instagram story to apologize for his disastrous performance on the dance Beat Ya Feet, during the Something in the Water Festival, held in Washington DC. As his video went viral on social media, the 41-year-old singer chose humor as his reaction. In his story, he published the photo of his two feet with the message “I wanted to apologize for two reasons”.

america tried to ruin Janet Jackson for this man pic.twitter.com/OnN5HHFrze

— alex (@alex_abads) June 19, 2022

As if that weren’t enough, Justin Timberlake added “I had a long chat with each of them and asked them to never do this to me again. I will now watch these two little guys and it will all be okay. good.” The singer then ended his video with a message of love for his 65.2 million “I love you” subscribers.

Justin Timberlake’s failed performance on his choreography: a video that made the buzz

Internet users have ignited social networks since this famous performance by Justin Timberlake, in Washington DC. All the reactions are there. The humor “Why Justin Timberlake dances like me dancing to his songs in the nightclub”, the desolation “America wanted to ruin Janet Jackson’s career for this guy”, but also the protection “I think everyone forgot Justin Timberlake did that.”

This isn’t the first time Jessica Biel’s husband has posted an apology on his Instagram account. Last February, an apology was made to his ex-girlfriend of 4 years, Britney Spears, for a relationship that ended almost a decade ago. Moreover, if one thinks that Britney Spears is the only recipient of the message, one could be mistaken easily. Indeed, the post and the apology were also for Janet Jackson. “I especially apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, individually, because I care about and respect these women, and I know that I failed” could we read.



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