Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston’s ex confirms having had a serious accident

On the poster for The Mosquito Coast, the new Apple TV + series available since April 30, 2021, Justin Theroux was the guest of Ellen DeGeneres on her famous talk show. During her interview, the ex of Jennifer Aniston told an incredible story: he was the victim of a serious accident which caused him a significant amnesia! Worse still, he was on the verge of undergoing a brain intervention … The actor indicated that he indeed injured his head while skateboarding in New York because a van hit him!

Justin Theroux remembers being unconscious for a little while and waking up surrounded by several people while waiting for help. A woman then asked him his identity but the actor was unable to communicate it to him: “I did not know who I was. I knew that I was me but I did not remember my name or my number. phone.” When the paramedics finally disembarked, they were surprised to find him … alive! The emergency responders even indicated that if they had known, they would have arrived faster and not after 1h20 …

Justin Theroux prepared for brain intervention

Finally transported to the hospital, Justin Theroux then feared having to undergo an operation: “It got worse. I had a concussion. They kept me overnight for observation, I did scans and the like. … A man woke me up in the middle of the night and said ‘We need to call a doctor, we think we found something on your scan’ (…) They shaved my head and prepared me for brain surgery. “

More fear than harm for Justin Theroux …

Ebaubi, Justin Theroux had to sign a whole bunch of papers without being able to tell anyone … After half an hour, the doctor finally arrived and announced that there was in fact no something to worry about. The star was therefore freaked out for nothing: “I had a big bandage on my head. A few stitches and I was let out in the morning.” More fear than harm, then, but a pretty fear tinged with incomprehension all the same!

Justin Theroux © Backgrid USA

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