Justin Bieber reveals his mysterious new tattoo

Justin Bieber goes back to the tattooist box. The Canadian singer filmed himself in the salon of Doctor Woo, a Los Angeles tattoo artist renowned among celebrities. His latest addition? A rose, tattooed on the neck in black and white. “Doctor Woo, thanks for the rose,” Justin Bieber wrote on his Instagram account. A tattoo that mom doesn’t seem to validate … Indeed, Pattie Mallette commented on her son’s post, writing “Why”, with a bitterly crying emoji. The tattoo too many for the star’s mother!

It remains to be seen the meaning of this famous rose. Could this be a declaration of love to his wife Hailey Bieber? The mystery hovers but Justin Bieber will not say more!

Her new beauty routine with Hailey

If Justin Bieber takes care of his look, he also decided to take care of his skin! In all transparency, the 26-year-old singer recently confided that Hailey Bieber was very caring for him to finally get rid of his acne problems! He said without taboo: “She pierces my buttons. She applies serums to me and makes me masks.” For her part, Kendall Jenner’s best friend revealed: “With all the time we have during this confinement, I told him that he would have perfect skin at the end of his quarantine.”

And Justin Bieber has taken a liking to this little beauty routine. “My man loves skin care so much. I mean, I wouldn’t say that much, but he cares a lot about what’s going on with his skin now because he knows how much, I love it . And he’s just taking my advice. ” After clothing brand Drew House, will the singer launch a brand of beauty products?

Justin Bieber © Instagram Justin Bieber

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