Justin Bieber: his dreadlocks earn him severe accusations

Singer Justin Bieber faces cultural appropriation charges again after sharing photos of himself in dreadlocks. It was this Sunday, April 25, that he shared this photo on Instagram showing his hairstyle with a plaid shirt and a pink pearl necklace. The reaction of the fans was not long in coming and the disapproval is there. Indeed, many negative comments followed.

“That’s not it Justin,” one Instagram user wrote while another commented on Twitter with “So @scooterbraun, you and your client @justinbieber, you flaunt BLM for days and talk about being an ally or educate you, but you turn around to do this very performative silliness, I’m sick of you all. “

“It is not the first time”

Remember that the “dreads” also called “locs” are linked to the history of the black community and to discrimination. This is not the first time that the singer, Justin Bieber, has been criticized for wearing dreadlocks. Already in 2016, the star had displayed this hairstyle at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and had already come under heavy criticism.

The accusations follow criticism that Justin Bieber used the Black Lives Matter movement to promote his new album Justice. Remember that Justin begins his album with a recording of Martin Luther King Jr saying “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. King’s daughter, Bernice A. King, did make a statement of support for the singer afterwards.

Justin Bieber © Instagram

Justin Bieber © Instagram
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