His testimony had the effect of a bomb. Sunday February 26, 2023, Hilona Gos publishes a video in which she makes heavy accusations against Julien Bert, her ex-fiancé. In tears, the young woman looks back on their love story, which according to her, would have been tinged with domestic violence, humiliation and insults. “He has a look that has changed, he had black eyes, he was no longer the same person, he was someone I did not know. He raised his hand, he strangled me. just remember not being able to breathe,” she said. Indicating having been insulted on multiple occasions, the former reality TV candidate also explains that her former companion gives her large sums of money.

Faced with these accusations, Julien Bert initially denied: “It’s too weird what’s going on. As if by chance, it’s when everything is going well in my life, that I’m happy, fulfilled and that I show it on the networks, you see what I mean”, he regrets before speaking directly to Hilona: “It is very serious what you have just done. It is very very serious. I have slept badly. I’m stunned. These are very, very serious accusations.” But now this Tuesday, February 28, the one who won the Fifty once again came out of silence to in turn launch accusations against Hilona Gos.

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Julien Bert accuses Hilona Gos of hitting him

In a video where he appears in tears, Julien Bert lets go: “Hilona and I had a toxic relationship, ok. But it was never a battered woman, at least that I know and with me. In any case , whether it was yesterday, whether it was today, she never received a blow from me. The only exchanges we had were physical, she put pies on me, she came on me , I have limits, I have a patience, I pushed her away. So here it is, I don’t think that makes Hilona a battered woman. But on the other hand, there is one thing that she forgot to speak, which she must have omitted. I have the orbital floor, the broken my nose broken because she threw an iPhone in my face during our relationship.

Julien Bert responds to Hilona Gos: in tears, he in turn accuses her of having “put pies” on him

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