He came out of silence. On March 8, 2023, Julien Bert spoke on his Tiktok account to speak out after the accusations of his ex-girlfriend Hilona Gos. As he confided, “these last few months have been very complicated” for the reality TV candidate. Between domestic violence and theft of money, his ex-girlfriend accused him of many evils. Facts that he initially refuted, also accusing the young woman of having “put pies” on him. But that he now half-recognizes. “I am indeed guilty of many things. Not necessarily of everything that I am accused of but in any case of not having been the man that I think or that I would have liked to be.” he explained. According to him, if he takes stock of this affair, he “lied” to his “family so as not to worry them”, to his friends “out of shame of the judgment”, to his associates “so as not to frighten them” and to people for whom he “would have given everything for fear of losing them” but above all to himself, not “afraid” of seeing his “reflection change”.

Julien Bert then had a word for Hilona, ​​currently in depression. “I don’t blame Hilona for saying what was on her mind. I’m just disappointed that she did it that way. On the other hand, I blame myself for not knowing being present to help and support her or answer her when I still had the possibility. I wanted to cut ties completely when it was not the time. I really thought that she was well accompanied, supported. Unfortunately, too, there were some things I wasn’t ready to give him.” he added. Aware of the seriousness of the charges against him, the young man confirmed that he was going to take responsibility for the sums he borrowed from their common company. “I would of course do whatever it takes to assume.” assured Julien Bert.

Julien Bert accused of domestic violence: he files a complaint

For him, the story will also be brought to justice. “I filed a complaint for many facts. Not necessarily to obtain anything but to also have reparations for certain maneuvers / manipulations which had the sole purpose of destroying me.” revealed Julien Bert. Today, he explains that he has sorted out his friendly relations and has everything to prove to himself. “I apologize to everyone I’ve let down. I apologize for making bad choices and failing to live up to them. I apologize for some inappropriate behavior. And I I apologize to Hilona for having lied to her about something much more important than anything she could blame me for… Namely, promise her that we will meet again one day and that I will never feel that way again for someone else.” he concluded.

Julien Bert accused of domestic violence: "I lied...", he breaks the silence and responds to Hilona Gos

Hilona Gos and Julien Bert © Instagram

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