A powerful movie. This Tuesday, January 31, M6 broadcasts Life, love, right away with Anne Marivin. This TV movie tells the story of Julie, a 16-year-old teenager who has cystic fibrosis. Despite the illness, the young woman does as she pleases and devours life to the fullest. “When she meets Ludo, 17, she ‘knows’: the two of them will be forever! So, a few weeks later, when Julie realizes that she is pregnant, the teenager, all fired up, does not hesitate one second. This baby that she always wanted, she will have it”, says the chain. However, the disease lurks above her, like a sword of Damocles. Whatever, Julie decided to live as she saw fit. To fight for your dreams. If this unit is poignant, it is also luminous and bearer of hope. Because this fiction is adapted from the true story of Julie Briant, who published an eponymous book in 2020 (Ed. Albin Michel).

But then what becomes of it? Julie Briant is now 27 years old. It is in Tremblay, in Maine et Loire, that she lives. Above all, she still spins the perfect love with her darling Ludovic with whom she has two children: Loane and Matheïs, aged ten and five respectively. However, all is not entirely rosy in the daily life of Julie Briant. Three years after the birth of her eldest, Julie fell pregnant again but this time she was forced to abort, her lungs showing real signs of weakness, her life could have been in danger, as she explains in a documentary that will be broadcast on M6 just after the TV movie. A terrible ordeal for the couple. Nevertheless, it brought them closer.

Julie Briant, very followed on social networks

Despite his helplessness in the face of the situation, Ludovic tries to be as present as possible for his dear and tender. And then, they were finally able to reconnect with the joys of motherhood with the arrival of their little man a few years later. With only 30% breathing capacity, Julie Briant’s state of health does not allow her to work. Nevertheless, she has invested in social networks. She thus counts more than 57 thousand subscribers on her Instagram account @mamanmuco on which she recounts her daily life, proving that she can reconcile life as a mother and illness. She also reveals darker moments, such as her hospitalizations, her doubts and her fears. If she will always have this sword of Damocles over her head, Julie Briant can be proud of her career and her rage for life.

Julie Briant: what happens to the mother who inspired Life, love, right away?

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