Julie Andrieu was probably not expecting such a proposal. On Europe 1, facing Isabelle Morizet, the host confided that she had been approached to make films a few years ago. Indeed, she explained that she had received proposals from a man whose reputation was destroyed when the #MeToo movement was created. “I was offered. I even had proposals from the big bad wolf, Harvey Weinstein”, explained the companion of Stéphane Delajoux. “He had offered me to do a cooking show in the United States. We saw each other quite a bit at one point, because it was a question of developing all that. And besides, he often offered me to play the actress,” she said.

Only, she preferred not to continue on this path. “No, no, it’s not my job at all. It’s not my aspiration. I don’t really understand the fascination for this job, although it was my mother’s,” he said. she launched again. The opportunity for the host of Europe 1 to ask her if her mother, Nicole Courcel, had been fulfilled in her profession as an actress.

Julie Andrieu’s mother was an actress

“It’s a job that allowed her to live wonderful adventures and above all to have this independence, which was so important to her. She worked like me at 17, which at the time was still not easy And to get out of this bourgeoisie from which she came and to which she was rather refractory,” she said. She did not hide that her mother had not encouraged her to follow this path at all. She probably felt that her daughter needed to do another job.

Julie Andrieu © Pierre Perusseau


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