But where did Julian Sands go? Since Friday January 13, the British actor has not been found. According to BBC information, he disappeared in the Baldy Bowl area while hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains, California, United States. Police said ground rescue teams had abandoned their search due to avalanche risk, but were continuing by drone and helicopter. As soon as the weather permits, ground searches will resume, but Julian Sands’ relatives have little hope of finding him alive after nearly a week. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department recently warned hikers against visiting Mount Baldy, where high winds and ice make hiking especially dangerous.

In a Facebook post, police revealed that over the past four weeks search and rescue teams have responded to 14 rescue missions on and around Mount Baldy. “These rescue missions were for lost, stranded and/or injured hikers. Unfortunately, in the past 4 weeks, two hikers did not survive after falling and injuring themselves, reads. storms that have brought lots of snow and ice are not favorable for hikers, even those who consider themselves to have a high level of experience.” Authorities are also looking for another missing hiker, Bob Gregory, who was reported missing Monday, Jan. 16, in the San Gabriel Mountains.

MISSING: Longtime actor Julian Sands has gone missing after he went hiking over the weekend in the Mt. Baldy Bowl area. His family reported him missing to the San Bernardino Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Our @abc7eric is on the story. More today at 4 on @ABC7LosAngeles. pic.twitter.com/s30pdHk8Bq

— George Pennacchio (@abc7george) January 18, 2023

Julian Sands: “We were caught in a terrible storm”

Julian Sands, who grew up in England, has a decades-long career in the film industry, including Room with a View. The actor has appeared in dozens of film and television roles. Married to author Evgenia Citkowitz, he has three children. In an interview with the Guardian in 2018, Julian Sands spoke about his passion for mountaineering and the importance of continuing to experience new adventures as you age. The actor then confessed to being happiest when he was “near a mountain top on a glorious cold morning”. But he sometimes experienced big scares. “At the beginning of the 90s, in the Andes, we were caught in an atrocious storm with three other people, he said. We were all in very bad shape. Guys close to us perished; we were lucky .”

Julian Sands (Room with a view) not found: the British actor reported missing in California

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