On the occasion of Julia Roberts’ 55th birthday, on October 28, a video resurfaced on the internet. This viral video chronicles the close and unique bond that the Pretty Woman actress shares with Martin Luther King Jr and his wife Coretta Scott King. This is an interview with Gayle King for A&E’s HISTORYTalks show last September. Julia Roberts had revealed that her parents, Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts, had a close relationship with Martin Luther King Jr and Coretta Scott King long before she was born. Julia Roberts’ parents reportedly welcomed the Kings’ children into their school when no one else wanted them, according to the Daily Mail.

Recall that Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts were successful actors and playwrights. The couple had, moreover, created their own theater school for children in Decatur, Georgia. It was around this time that Martin Luther King Jr and his wife approached the couple to ask if their children could go to school. Segregation had been banned a few years earlier. Only, the reality was that many black children could not be admitted to many schools. Only Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts had welcomed the Kings’ children with open arms.

The Kings paid for the birth of Julia Roberts

During this interview, Julia Roberts told Gayle King that Martin Luther King Jr and Coretta Scott King paid the hospital bills for her birth in 1967. “The King family paid my hospital bills. My parents couldn’t not pay the hospital bill,” Julia Roberts told Gayle King. “My parents had an acting school in Atlanta called the Actors and Writers Workshop,” the actress continued. “And one day Coretta Scott King called my mom and asked if her kids could be in the school because they were having trouble finding a place that would accept her kids. And my mom said, ‘Fine. sure. Come, ‘And so they all became friends and they helped us out of trouble.'” she added.

Martin Luther King’s daughter owes her career to Julia Roberts’ father

According to Observ.com, Julia Roberts’ father, Walter Grady Roberts, was the personal trainer of Yolanda King, the eldest daughter of Martin and Coretta King. Yolanda King is a well-known name in the field of theater and cinema since she became a famous actress afterwards. Moreover, she appeared in many successful films such as Fluke, Ghosts of Mississippi, Drive By: A Love Story, Funny Valentines, or The Secret Path. She had also been chosen for a romantic play in 1965 where she was to play a white actress.

Julia Roberts: the actress reveals that she was born thanks to… Martin Luther King

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