The end of 2022 was very complicated for Julia Paredes. The mother of the family has put an end to her relationship with the father of her two children, Maxime Parisi. Since she was single, the one who is part of the Moms & Famous program would have trouble eating. By the way, many of her subscribers have noticed that she has lost weight and are worried about her. Only, some would not tell him with great kindness. This is the reason why, on January 10, 2023, she decided to break the silence, in the story of her Instagram account, to make an update.

“Another night when I go to bed without eating, because I have no appetite and no strength. But your daily comments that piss me off like ‘you’re getting thinner and thinner’, ‘you look like an anorexic’ and I ‘on the way… If you think you’re helping people in this way, you need to review your education and your values,’ she wrote initially. Moreover, if the mother of the family does not seem to be in great shape, it is because many women would already revolve around her ex-husband.

Julia Paredes very annoyed by the behavior of some women

“Between that and some girls who send photos and videos half naked or full naked, while we are still under the same roof …”, she wrote again with vomiting smileys. A very difficult situation for Julia Paredes who is trying to stay strong for her children. As a reminder, this is not the first time that she and Maxime Parisi have separated. When she was pregnant with her first child, the sportsman had decided to distance himself before finally realizing that he loved the young influencer more than anything in the world. Today, the former couple no longer seem to understand each other.

Julia Paredes wasted: sharp focus on her weight loss since her breakup with Maxime Parisi

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